Discovering the City Life & Landmarks of BARCELONA in 4K | Traveling Around Europe - Part #3

Discovering the City Life & Landmarks of BARCELONA in 4K | Traveling Around Europe – Part #3

Explore enchanting Barcelona from the comfort of your own space! This 4K city life video is filled with passion, real city sounds, sunshine in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and rhythmic Spanish music. Enjoy the vibes of summer and a festive mood while watching this colorful 4K video. Discover a beautiful coastal city where the smell of street food blends with the scent of salt water. Walk in the shade of tall palm trees and admire the ancient monuments of architecture. Discover one of the most stunning European cities in 4K Ultra HD quality!

Video from: #Barcelona, #Spain
Video title: Traveling Around Europe Part 3 Barcelona
Time of filming: July of 2021
Equipment used: Panasonic GH5
Video type: city life video
Video resolution: #4K UHD
Producer: Roman Khomlyak. Pro Art Inc
Cinematographer: Agnius Narkevičius
Editor and colorist: Maxim Fomishen
Supervising editor: Anatolii Pylypenko

Barcelona is the largest city on the Mediterranean coast and also the largest cruise port in Europe. Hercules himself is considered the founder of Barcelona, which, among other things, makes this city the most visited in Spain. And what is very interesting and unexpected, the Mayor of Barcelona are not too fond of tourists!

Barcelona is an amazing city. Here you can find the only albino gorilla in the world, see 9 UNESCO sites at once, and see wild boars and green parrots live right on the streets of the city! By the way, the streets of Barcelona are considered the longest in Spain! Turn on this 4K city life video on your HD widescreen TV and immerse yourself in the bright colors of Barcelona to the romantic sounds of the Spanish guitar!

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